Classic Car Insurance in Texas

If you have a classic car or plan on getting one, it is possible that you are someone who appreciates the finer details of a car and views the classic car as a collector’s item. The classic car is your prized possession and investment and you must protect it. No better way to take care of your classic car then to get proper classic car insurance. Not only will it cover any unfortunate damage to your classic car but also give you peace of mind to enjoy your classic car. After all, it is supposed to be driven.  

You might be glad to know that typically classic car insurance policies can be cheaper than regular auto insurance because classic cars are less likely to be in an accident. However, if such an unfortunate incident does occur, the repair and spare parts can be expensive. Therefore, it is highly recommended you get classic car insurance to protect your investment.

There is no one classic car insurance policy that will fit the needs of any car as there so much variety in classic car insurance. You also need to make sure your car qualifies as a classic car. That generally means looking into factors such as age, condition, and use. You should get the assistance of an insurance expert who can guide you with the best policy for your specific car. You need an insurance agency that has experience with classic car policies. One such agency is Eichelmann Insurance Agency serving Richardson, TX. Their agents are well acquainted with the rules and the regular state of Texas but also have experience in what classic car insurance. In order to get in touch with Eichelmann Insurance Agency serving Richardson, TX, please visit the website for contact details.

3 Reasons You Need Health Insurance in Richardson, TX

Purchasing health insurance in Richardson, TX is a smart choice to make. With the costs of health care continually on the rise and with the health care system shifting and changing, it’s important to always have continuous coverage. The team at Eichelmann Insurance Agency has put together three top reasons why you need health insurance. 

1. Doctor Visits

Routine doctor visits are part of preventative care. You and your family members will need a yearly physical, vaccinations, and trips to the family doctor for all sorts of sicknesses and ailments. Over time, these visits add up exponentially if you don’t have health insurance to cover the majority of the costs.

2. Emergencies

The unexpected happens. You or a family member gets injured, or it’s the weekend and the doctor’s office is closed. Trips to the emergency room tend to be more expensive than making an appointment to see your family doctor. Again, without health insurance, you can expect to get hit with a fairly large bill for every trip to the emergency room.

3. Peace of Mind

Financial health is vitally important to your overall well-being. If you’re stressed over medical bills or find yourself skipping a visit to the doctor because you’re afraid of the cost, health insurance will take away all these worries and give you peace of mind. The premium you pay for health insurance is more affordable than having medical bills pile up over time. 

To learn more about purchasing a health insurance policy for a single or family plan, contact the friendly agents at Eichelmann Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX. You will be connected with an agent who can answer all your questions and concerns, and help you get started toward protecting your health and finances in the long run with the right policy. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Your Employees?

A commercial insurance policy covers a variety of areas of your business. It may include property damage claims, litigation fees, and settlements and judgments for covered claims. These claims could range from advertising injury to third party property damage.

Commercial Insurance in Richardson, TX

In Richardson, TX, commercial entities with insurance have a number of provisions. One of the main concerns should be whether that policy will cover your employees. In most cases, these types of policies are designed to protect your business and the employees from lawsuits on bodily injury or property damage caused by an employee-involved accident, but every state has its own provisions, regulations, and requirements on what is and is not covered under commercial insurance policies.

Knowing What You Need

Before you start talking to an insurance agent, it’s best to list the types of things done at the company, and the types of insurance you think you may need. This is a good starting point for you and the agent to start developing a policy that provides the most protection.

Things could start getting tricky when you start getting into portions of labor lawsuits, damage caused by products, errors in services, employee injuries and commercial auto accidents, as most of these may require additional provisions in a general policy.

An Insurance Agency For You

Finding the right insurance agency is key, especially when you have so many demands put on your company. The team at Eichelmann Insurance Agency has years of experience in providing comprehensive insurance policies for companies to protect their interests, their clients and most of all, their employees. For more information on acquiring a commercial insurance policy in Richardson, TX and the surrounding areas, contact an agent at Eichelmann Insurance Agency today!

3 Ways to Protect Your Home From a Break-In

Residents who live in Richardson, TX want to protect their homes from break-ins just like everyone else. The agents of Eichelmann Insurance Agency can help them protect their homes with a homeowners’ policy that is written to meet their needs. The agents can also offer a variety of tips on how to protect your home from theft and vandalism.

Install Outside Lighting

Install outside lighting near entrances. This makes it difficult for an intruder to make it inside your home without being seen. Motion-activated lights can be used or you can install a security light that comes on at dusk and turns off at sunrise. This provides light when you need it and saves energy for when you don’t.

Put in a Home Security System

Installing a home security system is also a good idea. You have several options to choose from including professionally monitored systems or an easy to manage, do-it-yourself system that you install and monitor on your own. Systems often come with sensors, cameras, and sirens that make it easy to keep tabs on your home. 

Create a Neighborhood Watch Group

Create a neighborhood watch group. With this type of group, all of the members are committed to helping one another monitor their properties and identify individuals who don’t belong in the neighborhood.

The agents of Eichelmann Insurance Agency can assist you in keeping your home safe and secure. Talk to them about various ways you can keep your home and family as safe as policy. They can work with you to find the insurance solutions you need to achieve your goals. Speak to an agent today to ensure that your home is fully insured.

What does a comprehensive auto policy cover

When you hear the word comprehensive you may think that this is an auto policy that covers every eventuality. That is not however what comprehensive insurance is. To understand what a comprehensive auto policy covers if you live in Richardson, TX you have the Eichelmann Insurance Agency to help you navigate the complicated world of insurance terms and coverages. 

Natural disasters

No matter where you live in the United States natural disasters are a hazard that you have to deal with. Whether it is destructive winds from a tornado or a hurricane or the resulting hail, this will be covered by comprehensive insurance coverage. 


Something as simple as having your car keyed in a parking lot can cause hundred of dollars in damage. You may need an entire new paint job and that could be very expensive. It would be covered with a comprehensive car policy. 


If your car is stolen it may or may not be recovered and even if it is recovered, it may have been severely damaged. If you carry comprehensive coverage you will be able to get your car repaired or replaced after a deductible is met. 


Fire can happen without a lot of warning and if your car is in the wrong place it could receive catastrophic damage. Most mechanical things that happen to your car are not covered but an engine fire is an exception. 

Falling objects

If you park under trees, your car could be crushed by a limb, it doesn’t even take strong winds to make it happen. 

Damage done by animals

Deer have a nasty habit of running in front of or into cars. The amount of damage can be enough to completely total a vehicle.

The Eichelmann Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX can give you all the information you need to decide if this coverage makes sense to you. Check out their website or give their office a call for a no-obligation quote. 




How To Recover From A Flood

When your home falls victim to a flood it’s difficult to know what to do. Should you immediately try salvaging your belongings? How do you know if it’s safe? Who should you call for help? Eichelmann Insurance Agency would like to extend some helpful tips to our Richardson, TX neighbors asking these questions and more about flood recovery.

First Things First

Before you enter your home after a flood makes sure it’s safe. If you live in an evacuation zone, be sure you’re clear to return. Before you enter to make sure your gas and electricity are shut off. Wear sturdy shoes to avoid slipping or injury from stepping on hidden hazards like glass or animals. 

Patching Things Up

Rescue what valuables you can, but only if the building is safe. Open your doors and windows to get air circulating again. Check your foundations, floors, walls, and ceiling for cracks, holes, and sagging sections. Patch up and reinforce what you can. If you need the help of a professional contractor, be sure they are licensed and insured. Always be wary of scammers that could be taking advantage of your tragedy.

The Road To Recovery

After securing your property as safely as possible, it’s time to make a plan. If you have flood insurance, contact your agent to begin your claim. Inventory the damage to your home and belongings and work with your insurance to determine what items can be salvaged, what will need to be repaired, and what will ultimately need replacement or rebuilding. If you do not have flood insurance, explore options for financial aid either through regional or government programs or local recovery efforts.

Rebuilding after a flood is a monumental task, especially if you’re uninsured. Eichelmann Insurance Agency encourages our Richardson, TX neighbors to contact us today to learn more about protecting your assets against flood damage. 

Does My Boat Insurance Provide Coverage If I Put It In Storage?

If you live in Richardson, TX and need to store your boat for a few months, you want to make sure that it is both secured and insured. The agents of Eichelmann Insurance Agency can provide you with helpful tips on how to prepare your boat for storage as well as provide you with a policy that will protect it while it is in dry dock.

Prepare Your Boat for Storage

Preparing your boat for storage includes washing it thoroughly, winterizing the motor, and covering it to prevent damage to the interior. Even though your boat may be stored inside a building, there are several ways that it can be damaged. Debris from the ceiling, animals, or the careless acts of other boat owners are all possible risks.

The Right Coverage

When you put your boat in storage at a facility, the owner of the property will carry some type of insurance to cover damages that are caused while the boat is on their property. It’s also a good idea if you have your own policy in place to ensure that your boat is fully protected from theft, vandalism, or other types of damage that may occur.

Whether you are storing your boat on your own property or are placing it in a storage facility, maintaining your insurance coverage is essential. The agents at Eichelmann Insurance Agency can make sure Richardson, TX boat owners have the insurance they need to protect their investment while their boat is in storage. Schedule a consultation with your insurance agent today to make sure you have the coverage you need. 

New RV? Here’s what you need to know about insurance

Texas is a huge and beautiful state, and there are few better ways to explore it than in an RV. RV enthusiasts in the greater Richardson, TX area have come to rely on Eichelmann Insurance Agency to learn more about the RV insurance options that are available to Texas residents. If you are new to the RV world, it’s time to sit down with our team and learn more about your coverage options before you get out on the road.

Here’s what you need to know about RV insurance

It can be difficult to determine exactly what type of coverage you need for your RV, so here are some of the main points that you will want to consider when making your choice:

  • Do you use your RV as a living space? Many people enjoy taking their RV from Point A to Point B and leave it parked and empty when they reach their destination. For others, their vehicle serves as their lodging. However you use your RV, make sure you’re covered.
  • Are you going to be towing a vehicle or trailer behind your RV? This is another aspect to ensure is covered when you select your policy. Make sure that all of your vehicles have the coverage they need!
  • Is your RV self-contained or is it a camper that you tow behind your truck? Your agent will be able to advise you on which type of policy is right for you.

Let’s talk insurance before you get your new RV, we’ll help you review your options and find the policy that is right for your needs. The Richardson, TX team at Eichelmann Insurance Agency has the information you need to choose an appropriate policy to protect your RV.

Umbrella Insurance for High Net Worth People

If you have amassed a significant amount of wealth, then congratulations are in order. In this ultra-competitive world, only a few are able to do so. However, do not sit back and think all is well. Accidents and other unplanned events happen and many a wealthy person has ended up losing significant amounts of what they worked hard to earn.

So, it comes highly recommended for high-net-worth individuals to always have significant umbrella insurance. Sure, you may have decent insurance coverage now, but with the rising costs of lawsuits, repairs, medical care and other things that you may be forced to pay, umbrella insurance is a wise move. These policies are in addition to your current liability coverage.

Are you still unconvinced? Well, keep reading to find out why many high-net-worth individuals have umbrella coverage. Also, consider speaking with the Eichelmann Insurance Agency, which serves the Richardson, TX area, about specific policy options.

Renting Out Property

The internet has made it easier than ever to rent your properties. Users can book from anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, the renter may not have your best interests at heart. Perhaps they plan to throw a wild party, leading to someone getting seriously injured. Well, guess what? You could very easily be held responsible for their negligent actions.

Hosting Social Functions on Property

High-net-worth families are often expected to host social functions. These events are a means of networking, which is significant for the current and future prospects of you and your family.

Guests can cause any number of problems that result in lawsuits, from slipping and falling to presumably getting food poisoning.

Have a Service Staff

The wealthy often employ others to handle daily household tasks. These workers are a constant source of concern because they can get injured, file harassment suits and sue for higher wages. Extra coverage through umbrella insurance can provide you with peace of mind, knowing you can handle these concerns when they arise.

Get Covered Now

For more information, speak with the compassionate professionals of the Eichelmann Insurance Agency, which serves the Richardson, TX area and beyond. Find out about rates and coverage options to fit your specific needs.


Do You Need To Increase Your Renter’s Insurance Coverage?

If you rent an apartment or home, you know that you’re not liable for damages to the property that are outside of your realm of control. Don’t let this give you a false sense of security- you still need to protect yourself with insurance. Renter’s insurance covers you in case of damage or theft to your personal property, and it probably costs less than you’d think. Eichelmann Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX, offers renters insurance to give you peace of mind. 

Here’s when you need to talk to your agent about increasing your renter’s insurance coverage: 

– When you make a large purchase. If you’re dropping a hefty amount of cash on an item, you want to make sure that it’s protected. 

– When you move to a new neighborhood. You may wish to increase your policy if your new digs are in a neighborhood with a higher likelihood of break-ins. 

– If you’re into entertaining. Talk to your insurance agent about how your renter’s insurance may cover you when it comes to liability while hosting guests at your residence. 

– When your partner or a family member moves in. Remember, you’ll want your renter’s insurance policy to cover their stuff too. You’ll want to work with your insurance agent to find an appropriate coverage amount for the new total value of the belongings in your apartment. 

If it’s time to update your renter’s insurance coverage, talk with an agent at Eichelmann Insurance Agency, serving Richardson, TX, today. We’ll work with you to help you make sure your belongings are protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late- it’s important to have your renter’s insurance policy in place before you need it.