3 Ways to Protect Your Home From a Break-In

Residents who live in Richardson, TX want to protect their homes from break-ins just like everyone else. The agents of Eichelmann Insurance Agency can help them protect their homes with a homeowners’ policy that is written to meet their needs. The agents can also offer a variety of tips on how to protect your home from theft and vandalism.

Install Outside Lighting

Install outside lighting near entrances. This makes it difficult for an intruder to make it inside your home without being seen. Motion-activated lights can be used or you can install a security light that comes on at dusk and turns off at sunrise. This provides light when you need it and saves energy for when you don’t.

Put in a Home Security System

Installing a home security system is also a good idea. You have several options to choose from including professionally monitored systems or an easy to manage, do-it-yourself system that you install and monitor on your own. Systems often come with sensors, cameras, and sirens that make it easy to keep tabs on your home. 

Create a Neighborhood Watch Group

Create a neighborhood watch group. With this type of group, all of the members are committed to helping one another monitor their properties and identify individuals who don’t belong in the neighborhood.

The agents of Eichelmann Insurance Agency can assist you in keeping your home safe and secure. Talk to them about various ways you can keep your home and family as safe as policy. They can work with you to find the insurance solutions you need to achieve your goals. Speak to an agent today to ensure that your home is fully insured.