Does Commercial Insurance Cover Your Employees?

A commercial insurance policy covers a variety of areas of your business. It may include property damage claims, litigation fees, and settlements and judgments for covered claims. These claims could range from advertising injury to third party property damage.

Commercial Insurance in Richardson, TX

In Richardson, TX, commercial entities with insurance have a number of provisions. One of the main concerns should be whether that policy will cover your employees. In most cases, these types of policies are designed to protect your business and the employees from lawsuits on bodily injury or property damage caused by an employee-involved accident, but every state has its own provisions, regulations, and requirements on what is and is not covered under commercial insurance policies.

Knowing What You Need

Before you start talking to an insurance agent, it’s best to list the types of things done at the company, and the types of insurance you think you may need. This is a good starting point for you and the agent to start developing a policy that provides the most protection.

Things could start getting tricky when you start getting into portions of labor lawsuits, damage caused by products, errors in services, employee injuries and commercial auto accidents, as most of these may require additional provisions in a general policy.

An Insurance Agency For You

Finding the right insurance agency is key, especially when you have so many demands put on your company. The team at Eichelmann Insurance Agency has years of experience in providing comprehensive insurance policies for companies to protect their interests, their clients and most of all, their employees. For more information on acquiring a commercial insurance policy in Richardson, TX and the surrounding areas, contact an agent at Eichelmann Insurance Agency today!