What does a comprehensive auto policy cover

When you hear the word comprehensive you may think that this is an auto policy that covers every eventuality. That is not however what comprehensive insurance is. To understand what a comprehensive auto policy covers if you live in Richardson, TX you have the Eichelmann Insurance Agency to help you navigate the complicated world of insurance terms and coverages. 

Natural disasters

No matter where you live in the United States natural disasters are a hazard that you have to deal with. Whether it is destructive winds from a tornado or a hurricane or the resulting hail, this will be covered by comprehensive insurance coverage. 


Something as simple as having your car keyed in a parking lot can cause hundred of dollars in damage. You may need an entire new paint job and that could be very expensive. It would be covered with a comprehensive car policy. 


If your car is stolen it may or may not be recovered and even if it is recovered, it may have been severely damaged. If you carry comprehensive coverage you will be able to get your car repaired or replaced after a deductible is met. 


Fire can happen without a lot of warning and if your car is in the wrong place it could receive catastrophic damage. Most mechanical things that happen to your car are not covered but an engine fire is an exception. 

Falling objects

If you park under trees, your car could be crushed by a limb, it doesn’t even take strong winds to make it happen. 

Damage done by animals

Deer have a nasty habit of running in front of or into cars. The amount of damage can be enough to completely total a vehicle.

The Eichelmann Insurance Agency in Richardson, TX can give you all the information you need to decide if this coverage makes sense to you. Check out their website or give their office a call for a no-obligation quote.