Does Insurance Cover Visits to a Chiropractor?

There comes a point when we’ve had enough and we can’t deal with the pain anymore.  When we’ve reached our limit, we might call a chiropractor.  We might be in so much pain that we forget about the logistics, but it’s important to find out if visits to a chiropractor are covered.  There are lots of options for chiropractors in Dallas, TX and Eichelmann Insurance Agency wants to lay the groundwork by providing the answers to this question. 

Does Insurance Cover Visit to a Chiropractor?

Every insurance company is different and every policy is different.  Terms are highly variable, but there are certain components we see in every policy.  Most major medical carriers will cover visits to chiropractors.  Medicare and Medicaid also cover this service.  People in the armed forces also have access to chiropractic care. 

Read the Fine Print

It is important to read the fine print and familiarize yourself with your policy.  Since terms and conditions are variable coverage for this service will look different from company to company.  For example, Medicare Part B will cover this service, but it will not cover the cost of the initial evaluation, X-rays, vitamins, or assistive devices.  Most companies will cover care for acute conditions, but it may become harder if there is a need to see a chiropractor long-term. 

Do I Need a Referral to See a Chiropractor?        

A referral isn’t something you generally need in order to see a chiropractor, but some policies require a referral in order to initiate care with a chiropractor.  It is always better to check on this than it is to make assumptions.

Dallas, TX is full of things to do and Eichelmann Insurance Agency doesn’t want you to miss out- so they encourage you to call or email them if you have questions.