Common Workplace Perils

Insurance companies are all about minimizing risk, so taking on the burden of reducing risk can result in lower insurance costs and a healthier work environment. Eichelmann Insurance Agency of Dallas, TX wants to help you identify some of the more common workplace hazards so you can remove them or mitigate the risk for the sake of your employees, customers, and bottom-line.

Tripping Hazards

For all of our advances as a species, we are still vulnerable to injury from the persistent influence of gravity. Wires across walking paths, uneven flooring, and uncleaned spills of liquid are typically the cause of a sudden tumble to the ground. It’s likely impossible to remove every tripping hazard, but take the time to eliminate the worst offenders before they eliminate your best performers.

Biological Hazards

An unclean workplace is a breeding ground for a variety of microorganisms and vermin. Toxic mold, which can cause respiratory disease, can grow with just a small amount of water and time, so controlling the biomes that exist within your buildings and storefronts is paramount. Thoroughly clean surfaces daily and perform bi-weekly or monthly deep cleanings and inspections to reduce the risk of an army of bacteria infiltrating your business.

Ergonomic Hazards

Humans are durable creatures, but we can suffer bodily harm over time simply by performing the wrong tasks or the right tasks in the wrong way. You’ve likely already seen numerous infographics detailing the proper way to lift and how improper lifting can harm the spine, but that’s not the only ergonomic risk. Even just sitting improperly can lead to severe issues such as warping the spine, gastrointestinal issues, and chronic pain.

Maintain a Safe Place of Business

If you would like to know more about how to identify and eliminate workplace hazards as well as how doing so can help your business costs go down, contact Eichelmann Insurance Agency in Dallas, TX as soon as possible.