Dallas, TX Insurance options

As one of the largest cities in the Lone Star state, Dallas, TX is a place where you will need at least one if not more insurance policies to protect you, your livelihood, your family and your possessions. This is due to other people who live in the city and things that could possibly happen that are entirely out of your control. Below are some options for the types of insurance you may need in Dallas, TX through a local broker like the Eichelmann Insurance Agency, who serves the greater Dallas area.


If you live in Dallas, you will most likely need a vehicle as it is a very large metropolitan area and the public transportation will make it arduous to get around town. But if you own a car, you will also need to have car insurance to legally drive it within the state of Texas, as the minimum of liability insurance is covered by law. A good auto insurance policy should cover the liability you may have in the event of an accident which is your fault, or protects you if you are hit and the person who hit you doesn’t have insurance. It should also protect against lawsuits due to accidents, as well as any medical care or property damage that occurs due to an auto accident.


You should also have home owners insurance in Dallas, TX if you own a home there. This is not only due to fire or the pipes freezing and bursting in the dead of winter but also because Dallas is actually still in tornado alley, making it vulnerable to the odd twister that drops out of the sky and wipes out a neighborhood. Though this is rare, if it does happen, you will be covered rather than homeless.