Visitor’ Slip & Fall at a Home – What’s Covered?

The scenario plays out again and again. A Dallas, TX homeowner decides to have a party and bring over guests. It’s warm summer evening and folks are inside and outside in the backyard. The food and drink are flowing, everyone is having a good idea. As one guest gets up to walk across the patio area he hits a wets spot from the kids going in and out of the pool or hot tub. Next thing that happens, the guest has slipped, fallen on his hip, and needs to go to the hospital for what looks like a serious injury. Clearly, it’s going to be an expensive medical bill involved, but who pays?

In the case of homeownership, generally, the assumption in most situations has been that the homeowner is responsible for the premises’ conditions. And there is a common second assumption that one’s homeowner’s insurance policy will cover such situations and address the related medical bills when a claim is filed. While this has been the case in many a policy in the past, folks should not assume it is a default condition always present in a policy. According to Eichelmann Insurance Agency experts, every homeowner should take the time to read his or her policy to know for sure what is or is not covered. Policies vary from provider to provider and, at the end of the day, represent a contractual agreement where terms vary between different parties. Again, in most cases, slip & fall claims are addresses as this is a basic risk of a home and guests, but not always.

To find out more of what applies for a Dallas, TX home, contact Eichelmann Insurance Agency for more information and specifics on given policies. Sometimes a simple clarification and update can save a lot of headaches later on.