The Best Storage For Your Home Insurance Policy

What Are the Best Storage Options For Your Home Insurance Policy

While many people view this question as a no-brainer – keep your insurance policy as well as all of your important paperwork in a safe deposit box for safe keeping, the staffers who assist you at Eichelmann Insurance Agency in  Dallas, TX do not always agree. It is a good idea to keep a copy of your homeowners insurance policy in your safe deposit box. However your policy is not an instrument to sit and collect dust there. 

Like your home your insurance policy is an evolving entity. Things change in your home. Renovations are made, accidents happen, changes occur. Your insurance policy has to ebb and flow with these changes and should be in hands reach – or at the very least easily accessible. Getting familiar with your policy makes you a better homeowner and increases your ability to be responsible for every aspect of your home and the ownership of it. While we are here for you at Eichelmann Insurance Agency to answer any questions you may have there is no substitute for seeing the coverage you possess for your home in black and white. 

Like many residents here in Dallas, TX, across the country and world for that matter, the conventional wisdom of storing your important documents in a remote location so that they are not subject to harm by catastrophes that can occur, (fires, flooding or other extreme weather events, theft) is understood. Keeping an extra copy with your important papers at home in a bureau drawer or file cabinet is an added benefit. Having it on hand to review during service or to educate family members on the importance of being responsible for the home is a good idea.