The 3 Biggest Reasons You Need Insurance in the Winter

If you’re a forward-thinking person, you already know you need insurance all year round in Dallas, TX. However, covering your bases becomes especially important in the wintertime, when a host of dangers become more likely. In this post, Eichelmann Insurance Agency takes a look at the most important hazards to protect against during the colder months.

1. Weather

When it comes to your property, winter weather doesn’t hold back. You’re more likely at this time of year than any other to suffer roof damage from storms and dropped branches, flood damage from heavy rains and burst pipes from freezing weather. If you’re not covered for these, you’ll be left footing the bill. Plus, if you don’t have liability insurance for your home and someone becomes injured, you’re on the hook for that as well.

2. Fires

On Thanksgiving day, the number of home fires doubles compared to the average number for the rest of the year, reports FEMA. Plus, the government agency adds, December is the peak time of year for home candle fires. Don’t be caught unawares when it comes to fire; get covered.

3. Diminished Road Safety

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, traffic accidents increase during the winter months. That’s because ice and cold temperatures make it harder to steer and stop. The unsafe drivers around you (and even the safe ones) are likelier to lose control, causing destruction to your car and injury to passengers inside it. In fact, the biggest cause of injury during snow and ice storms come from traffic accidents, which is why it’s critical to have full auto coverage in Dallas, TX, even with usually mild winter weather.

Of course, you can’t protect against every danger. But by being fully insured, you’re less likely to put yourself in a situation you can’t recover from and more likely to move on quickly from a disaster. Don’t wait to learn more about your insurance options, contact Eichelmann Insurance Agency today.