Auto Insurance, What’s the Big Deal?

You might be wondering what the big deal is with auto insurance and if you truly need it.  Well, according to the law, you do need it.  However, if you happen to be in doubt as far as whether it is worth it, keep reading.

If you own a car, you need to have it insured.  Period.  This will not only protect your vehicle in case of an accident, it will also protect you from being fined and/or going to jail for driving without insurance.  If you are financing your vehicle then most of the time, lenders will not even finance it without proof of insurance either.  Also, if you are in a collision, if you have the right type of auto insurance, your passengers and yourself will be protected as far as medical expenses go.

Your property can also be protected.  Say you have an accident and you are the at fault party.  If you don’t have insurance, you can be sued and end up losing everything you own.  However, if you do have insurance, it will take care of the cost of damage that the other party’s property received.

Dallas is a big place and there is always a ton of traffic.  As a result, there is always a huge chance that you can be involved in an accident that can cause both property damage and personal injury.  Protect yourself and your property with auto insurance.

If you are in the Dallas, TX area and would like more information about the different types of auto insurance as well as what they do and don’t cover, call or come by Eichelmann Insurance Agency today.  We have friendly and knowledgeable agents standing by to help you find answers to all of your questions and get you the insurance coverage that you need.