5 Ways to Protect Your Home in Dallas

Even small homes seem difficult to organize and protect when it comes to home insurance. Borders of the property, possessions within the house, and unique events all make the insurance industry filled with lots of puzzles. We’ll try to cut through some of the confusion with some basic ways to protect your home. 

1. The Odd Weather Events 

Our weather patterns have been getting harder to predict from year to year, and there are certain phenomena that may not come standard with your policy. You should look into an insurance policy that has some type of flooding and earthquake coverage. 

2. Covering What’s Inside 

Homeowners often assume that their possessions are covered with their policy, but it’s often not the case. Even when you feel your stuff isn’t worth all that much, it’ll still be worth something to you if everything disappears in an instant. 

3. Mold in the Home 

Mold is excellent for nature outside, but not as much for the inside of your home. Protecting your home from mold can save you on repair costs you may not be able to pay. 

4. Security Alarms 

Home insurance is based on your risk. Having a security system not only can make you feel safer, but it can also make you look more favorable for getting better rates for your home. 

5. Home Insurance Know-How 

Eichelmann Insurance Agency can set your policy up with as much coverage as you need, and we can also give insightful pointers about how you can protect your home better in the future. We serve the homeowners of Dallas so they can sleep better knowing they set up a safety plan should the worst occur. Call us for more information or to get a quote.