Road Rage Awareness – How to Stop it Before it Starts


Getting angry behind the wheel of a car can have disastrous consequences if you allow your emotions to get the best of you. Bouts of road rage have led to fatalities in the past, and put you at a much higher risk for having an accident. These tips can help you control a road rage incident before it escalates:

Drive Away From the Situation

Sometimes, the best way to deal with road rage is to get away from the other driver as quickly as you can. This might mean turning off on a side street and adding a few minutes to your drive time, but it is probably for the best. The insurance professionals at Eichelmann Insurance Agency want to remind drivers that an accident caused by road rage can increase your premiums substantially.

Listen to Comforting Music

Turning up the radio or MP3 player can help get your mind off of whatever it was that caused you to get upset in the first place. Try to stay away from heavy metal or similar music, which does speed up your heart rate. An increased pulse can lead to increased agitation, which can make you more likely to act (intentionally or unintentionally) on your road rage.

Think About Your Family

One of the biggest motivators to avoid a road rage incident should be your family, especially if any of them are in the car with you. Getting injured in a crash, or going to jail for battery will likely cause you to miss quite a bit of family time. It is even more important to keep road rage under control if there are children in the car, since they can pick up on their parents’ habits.